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Campfire Pizza


Just because you can’t take a hot shower doesn’t mean you can’t eat well. I went camping this week at Worthington State Park on the Delaware River. It was absolutely gorgeous. While my cooking goal for the weekend was to catch a fish, fillet it and cook it on an open fire didn’t materialize because I didn’t catch a fish, I got to try another of my outdoor cooking options.

BBQ Pizza has been really trendy lately and I’ve seen a lot of recipes for it. And while I didn’t want to worry about bringing any of the fancy ingredients I’ve seen used on said pizzas, I figured a quick easy pizza would be a tasty alternative to burgers and hot dogs.

I made the dough before I left, refrigerated it and then took it out of the ice chest at the camp site. It worked perfect that way.


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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. It starts off with some posts from the past few months. But in the coming weeks I’ll be putting up new recipes and photos (better photos that don’t look dark and dingy like the first couple posts).