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My first tomato

I planted a couple of tomato plants and last week they started really producing. Here’s a picture of my first ripe tomato. There will be salsa recipes to come.


It didn’t last very long. Esteban ate it the way a fresh tomato should be eaten, with a little salt.



Oven Thermometer: I got a new toy

oven thermometer

I had an unusual weekday off today. Which meant I spent the bulk of the day in my kitchen whipping up new concoctions. Those will be added later.

But I wanted to take a moment to praise my newest kitchen gadget: an oven thermometer.

I was reading A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg and she recommended the use of an oven thermometer. I had always trusted the what I assumed to be complicated process that made my oven heat to exactly the temperature I selected on the dial.

Today while working on my State Fair cookie bar entry (like I said recipes will come later, this one likely next week when I actually enter the State Fair baking competition), as I was saying, I realized that my oven actually runs about 5 degrees cooler tha what I selected on the dial.

So I cranked up the temp a little. And got my cookies were the perfect brownness.