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The Crab Cruise

crabsThursday night I took the Riverboat Queen in Wilmington for their Thursdy night crab cruise. It was a lot of fun and the crabs were delicious. On top of good food, they also have a great view as you cruise down the Christiana River at sunset.

They serve all you can eat boiled crabs plus corn and chicken wings. My fellow diners raved about the chicken wings but I was too occupied with the crab to try any. The corn was super buttery and tasty.

Eating crabs in the Northeast is much different than eating them in the South, where they clean them before they cook them and make life a little easier for the diner. But it takes me back to crawfish boils, so I wasn’t complaining.

They’re booked for the next several weeks, but I’m told there are opennings at the end of the month and they’ll keep running until November. This is their web site for more information.

Me digging into the crabs. This photo caught me mid-bite.

Me digging into the crabs. This photo caught me mid-bite.

Wilmington at sunset.

Wilmington at sunset.


Bar Food: A zesty BBQ sauce


Last week while at a neighborhood bar one of my co-workers owns, I was lucky enough to have a tasty BBQ pork sandwich. Chuckie, a regular at the bar, made the delicious meal for all the patrons. He was also good enough to give me the recipe. Its got a zesty kick compared to your normal store bought sauce.


  • 20 Italian long hots peppers (less if you get a spicy bunch)
  • A pint of Meyers dark spice rum
  • A stick of butter
  • A gallon of generic ribs and chicken BBQ sauce (Chuckie said he get the off-brand Pathmark kind)

Grill the Italian peppers on an open flame grill until they’re lightly charred.

In a large bowl, heat generic bbq sauce.

Melt in a stick of butter. Add peppers and rum. Let marinate together and then top your chicken or pork.