The kitchen has always been my sanctuary.

From when I was a little kid and would watch the women of my family spend an entire day making tamales. To my adulthood where I find relief from stress and work at a cutting board. Some of what I cook I learned as a kid. Some of it are recipes I find and try on my own. Others are things I’m just making up as I go.

Food has always been personal. I don’t think I can tell you my recipes without telling you the stories within them. And this blog is interlaced with those stories.

Food has always been helpful. It is the source of not only comfort and shelter, but medicine and mental well-being. It is my hope that my recipes will not only please the taste buds, but improve living.

Food has always been a communal. And I feel compelled to share not just my food, but also my experience. This blog is a place for me to keep track of my recipes as much as it is a place for me to share them with you.

Welcome to my kitchen, my life and my world.

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